ROKR Swing Ride 3D Wooden Puzzle

ROKR Swing Ride 3D Wooden Puzzle

ROKR Swing Ride EA02

ROKR Swing Ride Story

In 1583, Copenhagen, Denmark, the world’s first carnival with regular exhibitions – Bakken amusement park was born. It brings enthusiasm and vitality to everyone who enjoys it.
Rokr combines creativity with classics to create a dazzling Carnival series with great retro beauty. Based on the transmission model and referring to the classic playing methods in the amusement park, it takes the space shuttle, rotating flying chair, and other facilities to the desktop. Each model can automatically run and enjoy the fun of the carnival.

Detailed Instruction Book

There are clear and understandable pictures and texts in the manual. Take out the corresponding numbered wooden pieces and assemble them as pictures.In addition, we also have a detailed assembly video, which is posted on the official YouTube account.

Exercise your Brain

Hands-on way to exercise logic thinking and fine mental skills. In this process,kids would be more patient and prudent!

It brings tremendous sense of accomplishment and can show it off to friends and family.

A Great Gift and Worthy of Display

A best gift to someone special  gift or home decor for anyone.It will make a memorable gift that will be cherished forever.No one will refuse such a fairy house gift!

Rewarding Assembly

The delicate model needs your patience and concentration. But the grand result will be rewarding.

Fly in the light melody and break into the romantic amusement world!

Items Included: Wooden Pieces

Number of Pieces: 289

Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆☆

Assembly Time: About 6h

Age: 14+

Package Size: 317*233*57.5mm

Assembly Size:  Static—150*150*270mm ;Dynamic— 220*220*270mm

CLASSIC SWING RIDE MODEL – With Fresh & Classic red and white colors, Elegant drapery, the flying chairs rotating at a uniform speed in the air are unique.

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